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The Story Behind
the Living Legacy Fund

... and why it was  created

The Susan Jean Murphy Evans Living Legacy Fund was started to honor CJ Evans' late wife's 50-year career as a development officer and fundraiser, and to carry on her passion for helping those in need:

  • Susan developed the first fundraising program ... and the development office ... for the National Association of Social Workers.

  • She grew the annual budgets for two nonprofits by up to five times to support programs to help abused women and children.

  • She carried out direct mail, membership, annual giving, large donor, special event, planned giving, corporation and foundation giving, and capital campaigns.

  • She mentored young people, teaching them the power of fundraising, many of whom became development officers themselves.

  • She created development programs for nonprofit community groups that had limited or no fundraising history.

  • She expanded development offices from two people … herself and an assistant … to up to 24 specialists focusing on each area of fundraising.

  • She raised money for the National Association of Social Workers House of Ruth ... Kids in Distress ... Defenders of Wildlife ... Sport Fishing Institute ... Trout Unlimited Center for Jury Studies Bureau of Catholic Missions ... Navy Marine Coast Guard Residence Foundation ... Bonnet House Museum & Gardens ... Hospice of the Piedmont ... AIDS Services Group ... and Habitat for Humanity

As Susan's husband recounts ...

In her last few days of life, I let close friends, colleagues, and family know that the end was near so they could call to say goodbye ... 

... I laid my phone on the pillow next to her head with the speaker on ... 

... and I listened ...

... as her friends ... the young people she had mentored ... the foundation giving officers she came to know ... the fundraising professionals whose skills she used in her campaigns ... and the executive directors and board members of the organizations for which she raised money ...   

... every one of whom told her ... 

... how much of an influence and positive impact that she'd had on the women, children, and programs that she had helped ... 

... and how much of an influence and impact that she'd had on them and their lives.

Susan was no longer able to talk. But I watched her smile as she listened. 

I was deeply moved ... by the depth of the caring she had shown to everyone around her ... and how it was being reflected back to her ... by the extent of her accomplishments ... by the way she rallied others when they were down ... by the ways in which she touched so many ... from the needy to the wealthy ... and motivated them to do more ... and then, just a little bit more.

As the plaque honoring her work for Kids in Distress in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, says:

I decided at that moment that I would find a way to carry on Susan's legacy of helping those in need ... and I took her hand and told her that I would do so.

The Living Legacy Fund's giving programs will:

  • provide funds to fill in the gaps in patient care and medical programs

  • teach others about the power of fundraising

  • use micro-grants, sponsorships, and in-kind services to assist those in need with health, nutrition, housing, and employment

  • collaborate with nonprofit organizations and community groups to support individual empowerment, small business startup, under-served community assistance, employee-owner initiatives, and social justice programs.


Each of these giving programs will focus less on fixing a problem today, than investing in a person's future to open opportunities and provide the means for better tomorrows.

Every dollar you give can help us expand what we can do ... to help those in need. 

What is a
Legacy Fund?

A Legacy Fund makes gifts to a donor's preferred causes, in perpetuity or for a specific number of years.

What is a
Living Legacy?

A legacy is a living reflection of who a person was. It's their story, inspired by their passions, what motivated them, where they dedicated their time and attention, and what made their life fulfilling.

What We Do ...
and Why We are Here ... Explained in
2 Minutes 
and 11 Seconds

See the Susan Jean Murphy Evans Living Legacy Fund YouTube Video by
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Susan Jean Murphy

Living Legacy Fund

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