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"Give a Damn"  poster created by the Y & R Agency for the New York Urban Coalition Give a Damn Campaign

Each of the Susan Jean Murphy Evans Living Legacy Fund programs will be expanded to other geographic areas as additional resources become available. These areas will be the areas in which Susan worked, including Washington, DC, South Florida, and the five boroughs of New York City.

Helping Those in Need

Susan Jean Murphy Evans

Standing Programs Supported by the

Susan Jean Murphy Evans Living Legacy Fund

The Susan Evans

Development Officer / Fundraiser 

Mentoring Program

This program, inspired by Susan, will be carried out in cooperation with the Madison House at the University of Virginia (UVA). It will teach the power of fundraising: how the efforts of one person can ripple out across a community and to help many in need. It will offer training and mentoring by fundraising professionals as well as internships with community nonprofits to help those in need while providing hands-on fundraising experience and assisting local nonprofits raise funds

The Susan Evans Patient Assistance Fund

This program will be carried out in cooperation with UVA Health to improve access to health care by providing fill-in-the-gaps services, such as transportation to medical appointments, in-home medical equipment, mental health counseling, and other assistance not covered by other programs


Susan Evans

Parkinson's Disease Family Counseling

This program also will be carried out in cooperation with UVA Health to help family members cope with the mental health and stress challenges that occur during the progression of a loved one's Parkinson's disease

Health & Nutrition and

Housing & Employment Micro Grants

These grants will be provided on an individual, case-by-case basis to fill in gaps in existing programs by, for example, proving gym memberships; cooking lessons, spices, utensils; mental health counseling; housing; employment training; and business startup grants

By Lending a Hand

Living Legacy Fund Logo

The Susan Jean Murphy Evans Living Legacy Fund also will  provide grants to community-based nonprofit organizations for:

  • individual empowerment,

  • small business start-up,

  • under-served community assistance,

  • employee-owner initiatives; and

  • social justice programs.

A daugher consoles her mother

What We Support

From a fundraising mentoring program

and fill-in-the gaps medical assistance,

to health, nutrition, housing and employment micro-grants,

and community-based nonprofit programs helping those in need,

we can help.

Grant applications in support of 501(c)(3) organizations and community programs to assist those in need are welcomed. Please see Nonprofit Organization Community-Based  Application Guidelines.

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